How do I cancel my subscription?


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What? Why would you want to?

Ok, we know circumstances change, and you might not feel the need for the iChess Club benefits anymore.

If that's the case, we make it friendly and easy for you to cancel. No forms to fill in or call into Support. Just visit where you will be able to 'Cancel' as shown below.

You're on your way to the cancellation of your subscription, but wait!... Maybe you can find that answer you were looking for:

No? Ok, let's move on. Benefits are substantial on the iChess Club, Aren't they? Maybe worth looking again at them. 

No? No problem, let's keep moving.


We always try to provide you with the most convenient options, even before cancellation. Yes, we want to offer you these alternatives:

1) Take a break and pause your subscription for one, two, or three months; your choice! 

2) Downgrade your plan, as this can also give you significant benefits; feel free to explore by clicking the 'iChess Club Lite' button. 

3) Last but not least! You might give it a second thought as savings are huge when you get the yearly plan: a 4-month giveaway! Close to irresistible!

Still, want to cancel? Before taking that last step, we will probably want to know your feedback. We would love to know your opinion. Yes! We seriously take into consideration your suggestions for the continuous improvement of the iChess Club experience. We are sorry to know you will leave but thank you and expect to have you back soon!

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